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'82nd ave
'82nd ave
David Williams aka '82nd ave', aka Adapt, was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the mighty city of steel and home of bleeps. Later he moved to Chelmsford, Essex, just outside of London.
In the last three decades did all the stuff many kids did in the 80ies and 90ies:
Got his first turntable before he had left the womb in '82. - Discovered acid house while programming basic games on his beloved Atari ST. - Once blagged his way into playing a school disco and thus horrified teachers and students with his wicked collection of Dutch techno and happy hardcore! - Stacked shelves for a bit and bought a drum machine.
Although not one to pigeon hole his music, he takes influence from many areas, and strives to incorporate the best elements of Detroit Techno textures and UK broken beats to cheeky funk and bottom heavy dub moments.

Yuki Yaki Releases
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Yuki Yaki Remix Works
YkYk015:  Humeka : Densité Matérielle go to release