yuki yaki

Emmerichk from Mexico has discoverd the world of electronic music at a very early age: His father was a great fan of electronic sounds. Thus, Emmerichk has known artists like Kraftwerk or Isao Tomita from childhood on.
At the age of 14 he had access to a sound studio and learned how to use mixers, drum machines and synthesizers. So he has tried to produce his own electronic music at that young age.
Later on, as an own music scene for modern electronics had been established in Mexico, Emmerichk learned to know many other artists that had similar interests and music styles. Together, they worked with their music and ideas and found adequate means to publish their music.
Emmerichk's music is a wilful mix of sound carpets, clicks-and-cuts and rhythmical micro-structures. Many tracks also adress dancefloor audience as minimal and dub techno elements are involved in these songs.
His debut "Frandalanke" has been published on the mexican label "filtro".

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