yuki yaki

Glander from Berlin worked on his music since 1992.
Long time his style has a minimalistic touch: a mix of 4/4 stumblebeats and little weird sounds.
You can listen to such tracks on his debut "plak&play", which was released in 1999 on plakim rec.
In the last years his sound became slower, deeper and warmer. In these tracks he is always looking for "the bass".

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Yuki Yaki Releases
YkYk005:  It's not a trick, it's Yuki Yaki go to release
YkYk010:  Heavy Weights go to release
YkYk018:  Selfmade go to release
YkYk020:  Variations go to release

Yuki Yaki Remix Works
YkYk007:  Sumergido : Levemente go to release
YkYk013:  Daniel Carew : We Go Very Well Together go to release
YkYk015:  Humeka : Densité Matérielle go to release