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Nils Clauss
Nils Clauss is a photographer and filmmaker. He has already made his way from Germany via the U.S. and Australia to Asia. He has studied in Berlin, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Seoul.
His pictures are mathemetical and geometrical, as well as emotional. They show textures, architecture and the people that move inbetween them. Many of his works have an urban asian impression, they even are little extracts of these fast worlds.
Some of these pictures often are surprisingly sycronous, others appear astonishingly wide and some are just elementary.
Besides photography Nils also works with moving pictures. So he has already made two short films: "Oemyeon" (2006) and "(un)changed" (2007). Both were shown at the 2nd and 3rd Korean Film Festival in Muenster, Germany. "Oemyeon" has also won the Dynamic Korea-Film Competition organized by the Korean Embassy in Berlin.
The covers of YkYk013 to YkYk017 are designed by Nils Clauss.

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