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'82nd ave:
Crowd Of Zero
It is commonplace: The older you get, the less things happen to you for the very first time - and also the less things you will hear for the first time. This means of course, the more music you have listened to so far, the more seldom you can experience sounds that feel really new, fresh or unprecedentedly existing.
Well, this 11th Yuki Yaki-release by '82nd ave, named "Crowd Of Zero", is nothing like nova musica, but its easiness and temperament, shown in songs like "Commuter Belt Booty Bass" or "Clear The Floor", feel really fresh and activate affectively a swinging nod, that sometimes even could extend to an uncontrollable jerking of the leg.
And this is exactly what this kind of music is made for. Let us rock! David Williams himself supposes about the music of his debut album, that it is made for left-foot music lovers that are not able to dance really well. And if they dare to dance anyway, they nod their heads while moving their arms like clairvoyants asking their crystal balls - but all in all, they are relatively grounded somehow.
Still, the music of '82nd ave is only partly down-to-earth. The sound of the tracks of the E.P. sometimes is playfully cacophonic, sometimes harmonious and mellow, but always complex and entertaining. Now then: Have a nice trip!
original coverphotos by Ian McCallam and Vanessapr

01.   Last Smoke mp3 ogg
02.   The Bellafonte mp3 ogg
03.   Ramshackle mp3 ogg
04.   Bossa Interlude mp3 ogg
05.   Curvy Girls (Easy Mix) mp3 ogg
06.   Plankton Dub mp3 ogg
07.   It Started Off Acoustic mp3 ogg
08.   Clear the Floor (feat. Benson and the Phonics Lady) mp3 ogg
09.   Commuter Belt Booty Bass mp3 ogg
10.   Wobbleton mp3 ogg
11.   Swagger mp3 ogg
12.   Until Next Time mp3 ogg
13.   Extract From A Liveset at Glitchnight, Shoreditch mp3 ogg
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David Williams aka '82nd ave', aka Adapt, was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the mighty city of steel and home of bleeps. Later he moved to Chelmsford, Essex, just outside of London.
In the last three decades did all the stuff many kids did in the 80ies and 90ies:
Got his first turntable before he had left the womb in '82. - Discovered acid house while programming basic games on his beloved Atari ST. - Once blagged his way into playing a school disco and thus horrified teachers and students with his wicked collection of Dutch techno and happy hardcore! - Stacked shelves for a bit and bought a drum machine.
Although not one to pigeon hole his music, he takes influence from many areas, and strives to incorporate the best elements of Detroit Techno textures and UK broken beats to cheeky funk and bottom heavy dub moments.

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i love it
Aeson, 03.2009
one of the best release on the label so far, IMO...
these tracks are very well produced, very detailed... a must have!
humeka, 02.2009
cool bizniz my young patawan, you gotta dig the free shitz 2!!
ewancluck, 02.2009
hi it's alex, adam's friend,cool music
ultimate, 06.2008
ello! its adam @ skwl, im listenin 2 ur music and showin my m8s!
adam wood, 06.2008
wicked stuff man keep it coming
an unknown writer, 08.2007
damn hot release! pick it up!
nkHC, 08.2007
Schön abwechslungsreich und super Sounds. Wird erst einmal in Schleife gehört
Scaff, 06.2007
lecker, lecker !!!
n2, 06.2007
Absolute Sahne!
an unknown writer, 06.2007