yuki yaki

Sgnl_fltr was founded in 2003 by the Dane Danny Kreutzfeldt and was active until 2008. Kreutzfeldt has made and released music under different names in a wide range of styles including ambient dronescapes, isolationist dub and shredding speedcore, but always with the same detached and intense atmosphere to it.
Under the Sgnl_fltr guise, Kreutzfeldt has worked on the deconstruction of rave music into slower, soundier or more abstract shapes. This work has taken place on three acclaimed albums on the dutch Databloem label as well as various compilation, remix and netlabel contributions.
Kreutzfeldt is sceptical about the possibilities and necessities of controlling digital media and he has been a part of the netlabel scene from early on. This affiliation continues today with two projects of his:
The eclectic netlabel Drowning and the netlabel experiment Periskop.

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