yuki yaki

Choenyi is a medical language specialist residing in the Southern Appalachian mountains who believes that all sound is inherently psychoacoustic - and that electronic sound generation and manipulation is an excellent forum for exploring much of the meaning and implication associable with this assumption.
Always, choenyi sought what sounds would next affect him more deeply than that to which he had previously been exposed, starting at an early age with psychedelic rock and American folk and quickly leading through postpunk, industrial, out jazz, neoclassical, and various forms of electronica and avant-garde, eventually absorbing into techno and noise. He has DJed since 1996 and produced electronic music since 1999.
Choenyi extends great thanks to all those who have assisted, encouraged, or exacerbated his involvement with music, in particular: Root Elements, DSP, R33F, and Glndr. May all be well.

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Yuki Yaki Releases
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Yuki Yaki Remix Works
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