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It's not a trick,
it's Yuki Yaki

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It's not a trick, it's Yuki Yaki
The first YkYk-Compilation is a mix of new faces and well known (netaudio) artists.
original coverphoto by Eric P. / Mozzer

01.   Sonictwist - Two thousand rulers mp3 ogg
02.   Cocoawildboars - Aimasendeshita mp3 ogg
03.   Choenyi - Fooolship mp3 ogg
04.   Adapt - 10pint wobble on mp3 ogg
05.   Dr. Nojoke - zu-fue-schi mp3 ogg
06.   Mint - Magnetic fields mp3 ogg
07.   Transistor - Green light mp3 ogg
08.   Glander - Ring mp3 ogg
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Transistor is Edgar Medina from Mexico.
He combines rhythmical structures and digital harmonies with a click-techno influence and a dub-touch. His style is warm, but digital and always addressed to the dancefloor.
Transistor has been released on labels as Disco Konfort, Abolipop and filro.com.mx.

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Adapt is David Williams, originally hailing from the steel city of Sheffield he is now based just outside of London in deepest Essex. Although not one to pigeon hole his music, he takes influence from many areas, and strives to incorporate the best elements from Detroit Techno textures and UK broken beats to cheeky funk and bottom heavy dub moments. Which are all twisted and distorted into what he calls 'Mutant Instrumental Pop'.

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Cocoawildboars is neither able nor willing to commit himself to just one style. He changes his alter egos as often as possible - and alongside his types of music...

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The music of Murray Fisher is a mix of playful nursery rhyme tunes, stuttering beats and atmospheres.
Mint released solo and compilation works on label as Kahvi Collective, Sutemos, Aerotone, Wyrd Skies and many more.
He runs a record label, called Boltfish Recordings and his own urban clothing line named Trickster.

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Igor Shilov from the Ukraine has been working to create his very own style of music since 2003.
But he wants also to change it - as often as possible. Thus, he is always experimenting with software and new techniques to produce new sounds.
He released his compilation-work on Yuki Yaki.

Dr. Nojoke

Dr.Nojoke was born in Berlin and stayed there since then. After first experiments with guitar, Casio, tape-recorder and echo-machine, he played in diverse bands with diverse styles.
He oriented himself towards electronic music/production and was active under the pseudonym Dr.Nojoke for the first time in 1999. Since 2005 he has been working on technoid sound-sculptures based on his archive of self-made recordings he collected over the last years.
He defines a deep, funky-minimal, clicky micro-cut-up-music, he calls Clikno.

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Among choenyi's foremost interests is psychoacoustics, upon which principles he seeks to forge his sounds.
He worked as DJ (silence) for many years in the Northern Californian underground. Now choenyi lives in Western North Carolina.

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Glander has worked on music since 1992. For a long time his style has had a minimalistic touch: a mixture of 4/4 stumblebeats and weird sounds.
For the past few years his sound has became slower, deeper and warmer. But you cannot make out the style: His tracks are four fourths, of course, but they are too bassy and dark to be House - and too smooth to be Techno.

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Thank you for your great music---Its Cosmological Vibes from Univers!!
Ben , 08.2008
thank u very much 4 your work .. respect !!!.
all the best.
Great work and nice tunes! Yukiyaki rules!!!
meic, 06.2006
great release guys!
yuki yaki is one of our favourite labels.
keep up the great works!