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Daniel Carew:
We Go Very Well Together
Indeed, Daniel's first multiple track release is featuring six pieces - not to forget the four additional remixes - which undoubtedly go very well together, and which at the end of the day make this set of tracks feel like a neat little debut album.
Daniel is a real minimalist, somewhere inbetween electronica classicism and minimal house. Hardly to imagine that you could strip down a rhythm more efficiently down to its very basic sound bits and bytes, while being hopelessly in love with innocent melodies.
original coverphoto by Nils Clauss
The cover is part of the Nils Clauss ShowCase on Yuki Yaki.

01.   Zen Timer mp3 ogg
02.   Lonithan Ward mp3 ogg
03.   Downtrust mp3 ogg
04.   Regular Monthly Payments mp3 ogg
05.   Romantics' Semantics mp3 ogg
06.   Bored Of Canada mp3 ogg
07.   Lonithan Ward (Humeka Remix) mp3 ogg
08.   Zen Timer (Glander Remix) mp3 ogg
09.   Romantics' Semantics (Fax Remix) mp3 ogg
10.   Regular Monthly Payments (OCP Remix) mp3 ogg
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Daniel was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He currently resides in Halifax, which is also in Canada, but closer to the ocean.
He is influenced in music by a many different artists, including Boards of Canada, Ricardo Villalobos and Radiohead, among countless others - and equally, infectious Nintendo game tunes embedded in his mind during his childhood.
'We Go Very Well Together' is his first multiple-track release.

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wow, there are not too many 'first listens' I start dancing to in the kitchen: bored of canada, superb! thx +++ K
tEdor, 08.2010
I love this album. Regular Monthly Payments is SICK!!!!! I downloaded the album and am sharing it widely. I used it in a creative project to advertise my photography. Everyone loves it! Thanks for great work. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Come see it being used at www.visionphilms.blogspot.com
oh look! its you. This is great!
Mandie, 09.2009
fantastic. this one ranks amoung my personal top ten netlabel releases.
enki, 10.2008
WOOT! you go girl. great release Daniel brotha-son.
Josh, 05.2008
very nice one. one of the best idm-related releases i heard for a while. esp. glander remix!!!
datamat, 05.2008
very nice album.
k-k-t, 04.2008
Very nice debut album !
Eyka, 04.2008