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Paella Cocoa
The man behind this strange moniker doesn't seem to be too eager to unveil is real identity or mission to his audience.
And the four tracks of his release on Yuki Yaki are not telling too many literal stories either. But anyway, is not music itself the best and most unpretentious mean of passing information?
Cocoawildboars encode and encrypt their message pretty meticulously - and it seems to directly aim at the dance instincts.
Crispy breakbeats, closely reaching after the nervous fidget feel of breakcore rhythms take the rule over the entire quartet of tracks, as if they liked to drive the listener into some state of lunacy and anticipate the chilled sub-zero atmosphere of the forthcoming winter at the same time. The rhythmic minimalism is flanked by some cranked melody crumbs and awkward bleep outbursts but it is definitely the beats that keep it going.
Some neat ear-candy for the rough-at-heart.

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Cocoawildboars is neither able nor willing to commit himself to just one style. He changes his alter egos as often as possible - and alongside his types of music.
Some aliases of him has already published on Worm Interface, Cocoa did remixes for Speedy J and has also worked together with Funckarma.
Cocoawildboars is probably his roughest projekt: dark and quick beats garnished with plenty of DSP-gadgetry. Additionally he deals with video animation, graphic design and house music - yummy!

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ayyy ... que buena musica ... me gusta mucho ... yeyeyeye !!! la musica de madrid!!! oye, hombre ... que maravillosa ... y el artistaaaa ... oye ... que guapo es ... guapo, quapissimo, creeme!!! un chico maravilloso y un sound .... mmm .... saludos de san sebastian,espana
Soledad, 11.2005
Awesome second release! Glitched out breakbeats, just like they should be made. :)
Brandon, 11.2005
nice GRM filter !
really, all in all an super release pack
keep up this great work !

...peace out
tbmarcom, 11.2005
this music made my headache even worse the day i listened to it, I love it!
just the kind of fresh demented beats i was looking for, and if you make house, i wanna listen its probably the other stuff i want
alfra pitri, 11.2005
"hot kick ass in your face beats" would be the best description. keep it up!!
nkHC, 11.2005