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Is it the abrasive sensation of the megalopolis Mexico City or is it more the shivering awe in the shadows of an ancient Aztec temple that keep the tunes of this Mexican Electronica craftsman confidently on the edge between beauty and bit reduction.
Just envision an immaculate House tune being fragmented into a thousand shiny dazzling splinters and then being recomposed by the artist showing an unconcealed indulgence for tiny little flaws and scratches.
Zofa keeps a moderate pace on his 5-tracker for Yuki Yaki which appears to underline the comfy furniture reference of the name itself. Zofa seems to be more after the slightly abstract dim-lit glamour of an artisan bar than after floor-breaking excitement.
This minimalist cocktail has to be served chilled!

01.   Avi Sccot mp3 ogg
02.   Angel Dark mp3 ogg
03.   Blond Paradise mp3 ogg
04.   Aria Giovani mp3 ogg
05.   Jane Darling mp3 ogg
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Hearing the music of Miguel Gonzales aka. Zofa you take a vast trip through minimal electronical soundscapes. For example you can discover different urban noises and samples of radio shows from the mexican home of the artist.
Furthermore, he tries to support the electronical music scene of Mexico with his own initiative and creativity as he ist the founder of the label "Disco Konfort" on which mostly mexican artists are releasing.
Additionally, Zofa cooperates with different kinds of artists from Mexico City and the whole mexican Country. The results of this work, very divergating in style are condensed in "Discos Pocilga".

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I am preparing new tracks and remixes ... news soon
Zofa, 10.2015
excelente disco! de lo más fino. Muchas feclicidades al krnl Miguel.
excelente disco!!! viva zofa!
aletz boogie, 05.2007
loving aria giovani
great release I will be playing this lots
you guys are helping me get back into minimal
minimal with soul! great stuff!!!!
Great structures from deep inside. Minimal chill...
hepepe, 06.2006
Que tal! soy Anwar escribiendo desde México, que chido que los musicos electronicos mexicanos tengan la oportunidad de que su musica salga del pais hacia otros lugares del mundo, chido
Zofa-The Big Aesthete! The best for today the minimalist. The big aesthete of a sound. Even the tempted music fan receives true aesthetic pleasure. A sound soft, cosy. I shall wait for new releases. Zofa-Respekt!!!
Safrolle, 04.2006
wow!!! la neta rifaste en el Mutek ke chido ke en mx se produce musik de gran klidad
astronauta flourecnt, 04.2006
ese miguel, ya te voy a dar las rolas jeje, ay nos
emmerichk, 03.2006
saludos a los compas mexicas!
Vate, 02.2006
..thnx for the hint, the problem is fixed
ykyk, 01.2006
I loved avi sccot, but i couldnt hear aria giovani nor jane darling, file not found was the message. viva zofa!
Lowrider, 01.2006