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YkYk.VA :
Yuki Yaki's 4th anniversary -
four years, three peoples, two cities, one idea.

01.   '82nd ave - Heavyweight mp3 ogg
02.   Dimitar Dodovski - Particle System mp3 ogg
03.   Humeka - Cycle Cycle mp3 ogg
04.   Absolute Time - Aristotle mp3 ogg
05.   Scaff - Jacke wie Hose mp3 ogg
06.   Stuub - Loow Ered mp3 ogg
07.   Josif - A.D.D mp3 ogg
08.   Zzzzra - Sans Foi Ni Loi mp3 ogg
09.   Glander - Woolen Thoughts mp3 ogg
10.   Emmerichk - Teseracto mp3 ogg
11.   choenyi - The International Room mp3 ogg
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'82nd ave

82nd ave, was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the mighty city of steel and home of bleeps. Later he moved to Chelmsford, Essex, just outside of London.
Although not one to pigeon hole his music, he takes influence from many areas, and strives to incorporate the best elements of Detroit Techno textures and UK broken beats to cheeky funk and bottom heavy dub moments.

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Dimitar Dodovski

Dimitar Dodovski is a dj, producer and graphic designer from Macedonia. Also part of "Re:peat platform" collective which deals with organizing new media art and electronic music events. While making his tracks he puts focus on texture, layers, various loops and fragments which interfere with each other thus making a complex acoustic entity.

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'hu' was bored of his gear, he wanted a new way to make music, something to renew his musical approach.
'meka' was stuck in a big box, the box was stuck in a warehouse, waiting for somebody like `hu' to free him from this cold place and to feed him on software. `meka' is a computer as you can guess.
'hu' is the idea, 'meka' is the technique.

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Absolute Time

Absolute time is a music project by Akihiro Kogishi born in 1980.
He started his music career in around 2002 in Osaka.
Based on the theme of art, the ego and dub music, he embraced minimal and glitch sounds into his music and established his present music style.
His music is often compared to the swinging pulse between abstractness and concreteness, and offers absolute space to the dance floor.

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Scaff's love for patch calbles and his discontent with modern technics lead him back to the achievements of the 70ies and 80ies: analogous modular systems. Using them he produces fresh sounds bound into a modern context. His tracks are always unicums being generated live with no further editing. This form of production leads to unique landscapes of an ever modulating sound and beats that seem to want to wind into the ears of the listener.

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Influenced by roots reggae, hip hop, dubstep and basic channel, Stuub started to develop his own version of bass-based music in 2007.

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Josif is a young Producer and DJ who currently resides in North Manchester, England.
In his teenage years he was exposed to the heaviness of 'Dub Soundsystems', and fell in love with the physical pressure of bass heavy music. In his own productions he takes influence from his experiences and exposure to different genres such as Dub, 2step-Garage, Dub-Techno and the darker side of Dubstep.

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Alexandre Lehmann aka Zzzzra is well known netaudio artist. His music stands for high quality techno dub.
He is living in France near Paris. He likes chinese food, sci-fi books, well cured weed and naked women.
Hi is also working on fractal art and developed own vst-instruments.

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Glander has worked on music since 1992. For a long time his style has had a minimalistic touch: a mixture of 4/4 stumblebeats and weird sounds.
For the past few years his sound has became slower, deeper and warmer. But you cannot make out the style: His tracks are four fourths, of course, but they are too bassy and dark to be House - and too smooth to be Techno.

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Emmerichk's music is a wilful mix of sound carpets, clicks-and-cuts and rhythmical micro-structures. Many tracks also adress dancefloor audience as minimal and dub techno elements.

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Among choenyi's foremost interests is psychoacoustics, upon which principles he seeks to forge his sounds.
He worked as DJ (silence) for many years in the Northern Californian underground. Now choenyi lives in Western North Carolina.

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