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5 Little Treasures From The North
Yuki Yaki's 12th strike is a visit of some friends from Denmark bringing with them a small but precious assortment of local Electronica delights.
Having almost ridden out half a decade Rump Recordings has become the most popular stronghold of experimental electronic music in Denmark. And now a band of five fine artists has pledged its contribution for one of our releases: Minimalistic rhythm patterns in slow motion and restrained melodies wrapped in an envelope of startling clicks and sizzling noises.
It's a mesmerizing kind of unpretentious minimalism and rough authenticity that keeps the tracks of Bjorn Svin, Badun, Acustic, Rumpistol and Karsten Pflum on a common suspense curve as if they were not made as single tracks but as a joint piece of art that could last for much longer than just those five tracks.

01.   Bjorn Svin - Opening Flower mp3 ogg
02.   Badun - Nick mp3 ogg
03.   Acustic - Steamship Ocean mp3 ogg
04.   Rumpistol - Plutonium2 mp3 ogg
05.   Karsten Pflum - Wide Shot mp3 ogg
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Rumpistol (aka Jens Berents Christiansen) is one of the heads of Rump Recordings.
He released his debut album in 2003 on Rump Recordings.


Jesper Skaaning began his musical carreer as a guitarist in various experimental punk bands in the early eighties.
Inspired by electropop he formed the band Acustisk Ungdom, which he later took his name from.
In 1994, he formed Future 3 (later System) together with Anders Remmer (aka Dub Tractor) and Thomas Knak (aka Opiate).
Since 2000 he has worked on his solo project Acustic.


Badun's adventurous and narrative music is the product of three people (Oliver Duckert, Aske Krammer & Brian Møller) from very different musical backgrounds.
Baduns music is based on recordings of traditional instruments such as fretless bass, vibraphone, guitar, rhodes and drums, as well as various field recordings which are being manipulated through homemade software based on neural networks.

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Bjoern Svin

Bjørn Svin is a live performer and producer of experimental electronic dancemusic. He started making music in 1992, and released his first record in 1995.
In the late nineties he became a "techno pop-star" with the hit "Mer Strøm #2" and reached cult-status in most of Scandinavia.
Bjørns music can be described as a kind of rave-hip hop-fusion-techno-jazz with a positive energy connected through repetitive but still quite complex beats.

Karsten Pflum

Karsten Pflum has started playing around with old synths and sequencers in the middle of the 90's.
In 2003 he released his first album "Tracks" on Worm Interface.
The special sound of Pflum can be described as a mix of abstract rhythm-patterns and melancholy, warm harmonic atmospheres, joined in a playful and anarchistic way.

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i took me a while to get through this release but now i got it . awesome. i'm a fan of yukiyaki
fav: wide shot
enki, 12.2007
great release, especially Wide Shot and a great ani, too ;)
nkhc, 10.2007
I like this kind of music: you can't truly understand it if you don't listen to it many times.
these are very detailed, very precise productions with surprises appearing over listenings depending on if you're listening on a hifi or with headphones.
very nice, thanks guys =)
humeka, 10.2007
I love this ep and am preparing to play most of it this evening :) Thanks to everyone.
choenyi, 10.2007
Sehr schön!
Minimalklang, 10.2007