yuki yaki

Enrico Siket aka Ricone aka Hexagon Sun aka Cocoawildboars.
You can sense this man is neither able nor willing to commit himself to just one style. He changes his alter egos as often as possible - and alongside his types of music.
Hexagon Sun has already published on Worm Interface, Cocoa did remixes for Speedy J and has also worked together with Funckarma on the 027EP on Skam.
Cocoawildboars is probably his roughest projekt: dark and quick beats garnished with plenty of DSP-gadgetry. Additionally he deals with video animation, graphic design and house music - yummy!

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Yuki Yaki Releases
YkYk002:  Paella Cocoa go to release
YkYk005:  It's not a trick, it's Yuki Yaki go to release

The work of Cocoawildboars for Yuki Yaki is free.
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